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The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner

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Microbiologist-approved | Natural AHA's | Lactic Acid

The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner is a BIO-fermented facial toner and liquid exfoliator in one. It contains natural AHA's, Lactic Acid and Probiotics to support collagen production, plump and hydrate skin while gently removing dead skin cells, bumps and congestion promoting cell turn over. Ideal for all skin types, this super refiner is designed to do it all - smooth wrinkles and fine lines, brighten age spots and pigmentation, alleviate roughness and firm sagging skin.


Apply to the skin with a cotton pad after cleansing, morning and night.

Purified water, naturally and organically grown: grains (wheat, rye, oats, maize, brown rice), grasses (alfalfa, barley, wheat), algaes (Spirulina, chlorella, dunaliella salina), seeds (millet, flaxseed, buckwheat), legumes (chickpeas, mung beans, lentils, adzuki beans, soya beans), lemon juice, honey, agave, lactic acid, lactobacillus.