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Elektra Magnesium Mineral Chloride Water Supplement

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11,600mg Elemental Magnesium | Concentrate | Delicious

The Elektra Magnesium Mineral Chloride Water Supplement is a concentrated form of pure food grade magnesium in a convenient liquid form to add to your drinking water. Each 100ml bottle contains 11,600mg elemental magnesium (116mg per ml), add 6-10 drops per litre of water to reap the benefits. At the recommended drinking water concentration, this essential mineral is easily absorbed via the gut wall, bypassing issues with digestion making it an ideal alternative to hard tablets which are not only more expensive, but harder to digest and absorb.

When added to your drinking water, it enhances the taste and enjoyment, just like drinking natural spring water from the Tibetan Plateau. Vegan.


The concentrated magnesium oil in the drops bottle must be diluted before consumption. Recommended dilution for filtered drinking water to mimic natural spring water =6 to 12 drops per litre (33.8fl.oz), according to taste.

Magnesium chloride hexahydrate food grade (incl residual trace minerals from natural source MgCl2.6H20), purified water.